Kintsugi: The Japanese Art Of Make Do And Mend

Japanese Kintsugi
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The Japanese art of Kintsugi proves that just because something is broken doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

Japanese Kintsugi
Source: Lakeside Pottery

Traditionally the technique of Kintsugi is used to repair china with a mixture of lacquer and powdered gold to beautiful effect, creating pieces that are far more interesting than before.

Japanese Kintsugi
Source: Dwell

Now making its way into interiors, this technique is not just for repairing old china. This Paris apartment shows how this trend works well when looking to replace floor tiles – especially if you can’t find the exact same one. Choose something totally different and produce an unexpected design feature.

Kintsugi can also be used on walls, bringing new life into a room and highlighting the beauty in the imperfections.

Japanese Kitsugi
Source: Yatzer

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