The Five Knives Every Home Cook Needs

It has been said that a kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen at all – Here is our rundown of the five knives every home cook needs in the kitchen.


Chef’s knife: This is the most important knife in your arsenal. Good for chopping, dicing and mincing – this knife does it all.

chef's knife
Source: Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Paring Knife: The small blade makes this knife perfect for intricate work. It will help you to peel, trim and core – it’s great for soft fruits and when slicing fresh herbs.

paring knife
Source: Global

Carving knife: The thin long blade allows for smooth uninterrupted strokes and smooth clean slices. It makes easy work when carving that holiday turkey or ham.

carving knife
Source: Wuesthof

Boning knife: With a narrow blade, this knife will help you to debone with precision. It’s perfect for meat, fish and poultry, leaving you with a crisp, clean finish.

boning knife
Source: Furi

Bread knife: The serrated edge helps to slice quickly despite an uneven texture. Not only good for bread, it also works well on tomatoes, citrus fruits and pies. Be sure to keep this knife to just slicing though, it’s not made to chop.

bread knife
Source: Victorinox

Once your knives are in order, be sure to keep them nice and sharp. This video will show you how.

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